Gandhinagar ILP Memories

We completed our ILP phase 1 in TCS on last Friday (11th December 2009). The journey was wonderful and memorable. Apart from place and facilities, we will be missing a lot of things. This post is dedicated to the whole AHD04-A19 batch.

Typical People

According to the faculty, our batch was the most versatile one. We had blend of all types of people and talent. We were good in our performances too. And most importantly, we had many pranksters. Whole batch was basically fun loving. We knew how to use free time.

We had pranksters like Shawn and Ankit. We had simple people like Amrit and Shashank. We had bubbly girls like Ruchi and Sweta. We had singers like Pankeet and Amrit. We had wonderful CRs as Ami and Rachit. We had ever-happy people like Kalpesh. We had Pashto singer Ami. We had composer Hemprabha. We had “the best” faculty Anupam Pandey. We were initially blessed with a wonderful coordinator Bhavin Shah. We had super-friendly staff. Lately we understood that we had a theorist like me.

Typical Phrases and Gestures

Our group had this phrase “TCS is dynamic”, which referred to any change that we observed in the people’s behaviour.

Ankit, Akshay and Shashank had these amazing set of gestures. They would do things with their ties, mimic an almost falling man with two of their fingers, and act totally frustrated in a very convincing way. Except the tie thing, rest two were very difficult to copy.

I personally had some particular phrases that I used frequently while talking. Most famous was “darta to hai hi nahi dost”. This I used to say in a very peculiar manner. Another word was “dost” which I used to use with almost all the statements that I spoke. Later in the training, other people started picking up the word “dost”, and were actively using it too. Most unexpected of all of them was Dipali who started using “dost” very naturally at times.

Group Trips

We started with some smaller trips like koba and pathikashram. Some people thought Mumbai would be a better option. Baroda public went home every weekend. We finally visited Udaipur-Abu. This was most memorable trip of ILP. At last we had a goodbye party in Fun Republic Ahmadabad. Most amazing part of these trips was making new friends and having better understanding of the people that we already knew.

Things that I will be missing

We will be missing Gandhinagar. We will be missing all the talk we used to have. We will be missing various games that we played. We will be missing some people from the batch very much. I will be missing all the gujju staff. I will be missing MARS and B-MARS gang. I will be missing the peace that the place had. I will be missing all the squirrels running all over the studio apartments campus. I will be missing the walk that I used to go on alone on the long roads of infocity. I will be missing some of the nicest moments of my life that I spent there.

But now we will make our heart and mind strong; so that we can move on easily and not be sad about what we left there.

Thanks to the whole batch

People were kind enough to give me constructive feedback on the paper. They pointed out some things which I don’t think I could have ever figured out on my own. I have not only learned new values from this training, but also have a new direction for thinking. Thank you A19 for the wonderful time and memories.

One Final Theory

One final theory in chapter of ILP would be about the quote “darta to hai hi nahi dost”. I would like my friends taking this statement seriously. We should not be frightened of any situation, person or time. There is way out from everything. World is dynamic. We should just be confident and attack the time with full energy and full faith in ourselves. For any challenge, we should be able to say from our heart: “darta to hai hi nahi dost”.

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  1. Dhairya Parekh

    its quite exciting for me to know that there are really exciting things out there to be explored in gandhinagar. I am rally looking forward to it. I hope my batch does really have a ball out there, if not better then your batch then no less then it. The Blog is well written & descriptive.

  2. Madhumitha

    u were rite.. :):) we too had d same feel… AHD15 batch!!

  3. Pankeet

    Dost sahi likha hai. Ab se toh kabhi nahi darega dost.

  4. Dipali

    sahi likha hai dost……..
    ilp ka har banda aankon ke samne aa gaya…

  5. Shawn

    dara toh kabhi hai hi nahi dost

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