Abu – Delvada – Pavapuri Trip

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો we all went to a 4 day 5 night trip to mount abu – delvada – pavapuri in rajasthan. it was from 11th september to 16th september. this is the brief post on the whole tour. there are many pics clicked, and i didnt want to make this post very heavy in browsers by embedding all the photographs. almost all of them are uploaded on picasa. i have just given the link at appropriate places as well as at the end. also, there is lot of information which i think could be helpful to you if you are travelling to one of these places. but unfortunately, i couldnt translate most of the things to english, hence this post contains partial information. if you want detailed information, then please read the same post in gujarati (link given above this paragraph).

11th september 9.00 pm: bandra terminus. aravali express. 13 hour journey to abu road. i couldnt sleep for almost the whole night. in the morning, penultimate station was palanpur. the very first shock of the trip was that many children were selling many food items. they werent just fooling around, they actually came from railway authorized stalls. i photographed them on the down and the up journey. when i asked some of them to stand so that i can click a nice pic, they refused. this clearly indicated that some of them knew whatever they were doing was wrong ! Here are some pics.

12th september 10.00 am: abu road. travelling plan for the first day was predecided. we hired a taxi for two day from station itself. the very first stop was ambaji.

12th september 11.00 am: ambaji. there is a jain temple right in the front of main ambaji mandir. we lunched there. ambaji mandir opens at 12.30 pm. so we left for kumbhariyaji.

12th september 12.00 noon: kumbhariyaji. kumbhariyaji is an ancient jain tirth consisting 5 jain temples. its main temple was built in 9th centuary by vimalsha. rest 4 temples were built in the time of vastupal tejpal. it is open from morning 8 to 12, we were ready only at 1. so we got to do pooja only in the 3 out of 5 temples. main temple is of neminath. other 4 temples are of mahavirswami, parshwanath, shantinath and sambhavnath. during muslim attacks in 17th century, most of the idols were removed from temples and were sent to some unknown place. most of them are still missing. there is some nice artwork inside two of the temples. here are the pics.

12th september 3.00 pm: ambaji. now main ambaji temple was open. we went in, and then on the way out, vaishali and mom stopped for some shopping (vaishali’s marriage is coming up in december, remember? ). after almost an hour, we left for pavapuri. in between, brahmanvadaji tirth is located on the highway, but we didnt remember the exact location. a local taxi driver gave directions, and that was our next stop. have a look at the only pic of this place.

12th september 5.00 pm: brahmanvadaji. this was one of the places where bhagvan mahavirswami stayed and did his tapashcharya. this temple has, in a part of it, 9 idols made of various stones, for nav graha shanti. we dined here, and then started for pavapuri. i have 3 pics of it, you can view them here.

12th september 7.30 pm: pavapuri this is one of the most sophisticated places among jain tirths. it has its own security, CCTVs, nicest accomodation, and its own website. i actually got almost all contact numbers of other places in vicinity from its website. when we reached there, the whole place was decorated with fancy lights and all, because there was some special meet going on. we wanted to stay there, but all rooms were reserved. we then decided to stay at bherutarakji, which is only 10 minutes away from here in car. pavapuri has a big panjarapol (a place where all cows-buffalos are kept. dont know what it is called in english.) it has 5900+ animals. the whole campus itself is very huge. due to such a large campus, they have their own service of non-polluting electric cars, which takes you on a ride of all the places inside. pavapuri’s pics can be seen here. pavapuri’s car ride video can be seen here.

12th september 9.30 pm: bherutarakji they dont book rooms in advance. i was so tired when we got here that i had no mood to go anywhere else. i didnt even go to the temple there. mom-dad-vaishali went to temple. next day after doing pooja, we left for delvada. but it wasnt the straight route that we took. in pavapuri as well as bherutarakji, a small map of other riligious places in vicinity was available. here are the pics. we quickly decided day 2 plans and started for mirpur.

13th september 12.30 pm: mirpur. this is the place where the godiji parshwanath of pydhonie originally belonged. before some 150 years, when muslim attackers attacked this place, the main idol was sent to mumbai by local jains. today there are no locals residing there, only the staff of temple. mulnayak bhagvan here is still parshvanath. here are some pics.

13th september 1.30 pm: pavapuri. originally, we had decided to lunch at mirpur. but as there was no facility, we again went to pavapuri (which comes on the route) to lunch. the videos and other pictures taken in daylight are taken in this session.

13th september 3.00 pm: jiravalaji. jiravala parshwanath is a very old idol. right now, a new temple is under construction there which will be completed in 2012. there are so many idols here, most of them being of parshvanath bhagvan. we immediately started for mandara.

13th september 4.00 pm: mandara. this is not a tirth. it is a village which has 700 jain families. there are 3 temples there. one is outside the village. it is under construction, and a huge idol of parshvanath bhagvan and padmavati mata are kept at a temporary temple. other two temples are inside village. in one of the temples inside villages, there is an idol of mahavir swami. the idol is reffered to as jivit swami. the reason being that the idol there is one of the five idols that were made by nandivardhan – brother of bhagvan mahavir. all the idols were made identical to the actual appearance of bhagvan mahavir. one of such idol is in mahuva – our native place. we actually never knew that one jivit swami idol is here in this village, and it was a true jackpot for us. view these pics here.

13th september 5.30 pm: dattani tirth. this tirth is located in a small village. it is founded on a land where an ancient home temple was known to be there. this temple is dedicated to bhagvan simandhar swami. behind the main temple is another small temple. this small temple has idols of all 20 jineshvars which are currently living in this world (20 viharman jin). we dined here and then started for abu road. here are the amazing pics.

13th september 7.30 pm: abu road. there are two temples in front of each other. within 15 minutes, we left for the final destination – delvada.

13th september 9.30 pm: delvada. the temperature was low, wind was blowing and it almost felt like mumbai winter.

14th september: delvada. this time is an off season time for this place. hence there were hadly any people. today morning, we went to delvada jain tirth. in the main season, this temple is crowded by numerous jains. but today, there were less than 30 people in the whole campus. there are a total of 5 temples here. two are of first tirthankar adinath, other three being of parshvanath, neminath and mahavirswami. in the 17th century attacks, most of the idols were broken by attackers. the main part of temples are restored to their original appearance recently, but some less accessed parts (or the parts where only jains are allowed to go, and not the tourists) are kept in their actual condition. we can see how desctructive the attackers must have been, as all the statues and all the idols had atleast one part broken. thought these parts are joined again at their respective places, cracks and joints can clearly be seen even today. after lunching and resting, at 3.00 pm we left for mount abu. nobody wanted to do sight-seeing, as we all were familiar with the location. we headed straight to main market. i searched for a cyber cafe as i had a strong gut feeling that TCS sent us something, and yes. there was a letter saying that they are starting recruitment from september last week. good news! in the market, there were not many shops of our interest. mom-sis headed to a huge clothes shop which had almost all kind of ladies clothes. they selected some dresses, sarees etc. next thing we desperately wanted to do was boating in nakhi lake (photoes here). but unfortunately the boating was closed from past 6 days because of the no contractor available to operate the facility. bad bad luck. there is another place there called “dantada sea world” which is largest indian aquarium. we didnt have time to visit it as most of the time was spent in shopping. i too bought a very unique smiling buddha statue. it is made up of wood, and i had never seen one in mumbai. in the night, it was all about rearranging the luggage as new clothes bought from abu were to be accomodated in the bags.

15th september: delvada. today temple was emptier than yesterday. none of us were in mood to roam around as we were exhausted from past 3 day travel. our train back to mumbai was at 5 pm, and hence we had to leave by 2 pm. after much struggle, we found a taxi that would take us to abu road.

15th september 4.00 pm: abu road. the trip down the hill from mount abu to abu road is so difficult. we all had dizziness for next 2 hours. train was on time. and at 6 pm, palanpur station came. this time i was ready with camera, and i managed to click a couple of more pictures. it is actually sad, and it is a solid situation which justifies the need of anti-child-labour campaigns. one campaign is recently started by govt itself. train journey was smooth. train reached ahemdabad before time. it left ahemdabad 25 minutes late. so total halt there was 55 minutes ! we finally reached mumbai on 16th september 7.30 am. reached home by 9.00 am. that was one exhaustive but nice trip. we all then decided that whenever we plan our next trip, we will include lesser locations, lesser travelling, so that all the places can be properly visited.

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  2. viral

    It was really useful also we went to udaipur and many jain temple in route of pavapuri….

  3. bhavin sanghavi

    hi bhavin,

    i had read your abu yatra detail on this blog.

    i want the details of contact no of pavapuri tirth & website of pavapuri tirth.

    so pls mail the website name.


    Bhavin Sanghavi

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